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About The Humble Hound LLC 

The Humble Hound began as the dream of two extremely dog-crazy people in Minnesota. Traveling cross country to show dogs, we found that many of the products on the market were either not practical or did not stand up to "real" life use. We wondered why there wasn’t a place where quality products were offered if so many people were unhappy with what was currently on the market.

We wanted to offer products that were practical and able to stand up to an active dog and dog owner’s lifestyle.We wanted products that were well designed and that enhanced your daily life. We wanted your dog to enjoy treats that were made in America with American grown and raised ingredients. Our private label treats now go one step further by only using ingredients approved for human consumption.

How do we decide what products to bring to you? Feedback from you, your dog and The Humble Hound Advisory Team help keep us focused on our mission to provide you with products that will survive the challenges of an everyday active lifestyle. So please keep your testimonials, innovative suggestions, and questions coming. We love the feedback and especially your photos!

We also wanted to create a forum to share practical tips and tricks that people who exhibit dogs have been sharing ringside for years. This is your opportunity to learn what many insiders already know.

So get out there.....swim, chase, hunt, jump and play. Enjoy your life and your dog. Most of all, strive to be the person that your dog actually thinks that you are.

Yours eternally in dog hair, 

Joe & Kelly Knight